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Best Car Wash In Jacksonville, Florida

We Provide Top Quality Car Wash Services, Including An Unlimited Wash Membership!

JOHNNY CLEAN CAR WASH delivers the cleanest, shiniest, driest and best car wash you will ever experience, in just 3 minutes. We’ve been keeping the cars in the Florida community squeaky clean since 1963. There’s nothing that brings us greater joy than providing the best car wash you’ll find in Jacksonville, Florida.

Our competitive, affordable, and flexible car wash membership packages in Jacksonville offer your car the following: 


Access to 35 free vacuums

A members-only fast pass lane to get your car in and out even faster!

A members-only car detail area

Free heated drying

Enjoy a car wash at any time

Contactless washing

No cumbersome contracts required

A money-back guarantee

When you get your car washed and detailed at Johnny Clean Car Wash, you’re sure to receive service that is clean, fast, and all around AWESOME!

Jacksonville Car Wash Location:

Best Car Wash - Jacksonville Florida

Johnny Clean Car Wash
7147 Merrill Rd.
Jacksonville, FL 32277


Car Wash Open Daily: 7AM-9PM

Rain or Shine!

Jacksonville, Florida Car Wash FAQs

How much does a car wash cost in Jacksonville, Florida?

Our single car wash packages range from $9 to $20, depending on which upgrades you choose. Our entry-level Car Wash ($9) is a great way to give your car a quick, fresh look. If you’re looking to clean up, protect from dirt, or give an added shine to your car after cleaning, then our Protect Wash ($12) and Shine Wash ($16) are great options! If you’re looking for a full, robust car cleaning, then you’ll want to choose our Premium Wash ($20), which includes Johnny’s Ceramic Sealant!

What is the difference between your Premium, Shine, and Protect Wash?

Through our fresh approach to washing cars, we have simplified our menu by offering several fantastic washes: our Premium, Shine and Protect Wash. If you are looking to clean your wheels and protect your vehicle from rain, while also giving a better driving experience, our Protect Wash will provide that for you. If you want a truly “shiny” vehicle, you can have it with our Shine Wash. The Shine Wash will include all the previously mentioned upgrades as well as introduce Carnauba Wax and Tire Shine. With Carnauba Wax, you will have added protection against scratches and a nice sheen to your paint. Our Tire Shine is top tier in the industry. It not only provides that “just washed” look but also helps revitalize the rubber, preventing cracking and fading. Finally, to have the ultimate wash experience, we recommend the Premium Wash. This will include all the aforementioned upgrades as well as Ceramic Shine and Ceramic Protect. Ceramic Shine helps prime your vehicle for waxes and Polishes with a low-PH cleaner. Ceramic Shine is our special polish that provides a durable layer of protection on your vehicle from the outside elements, including bugs and road debris, while also giving a massive increase in shine to the paint. The Premium Wash is our signature package, and by far our most popular choice!

Will your Car Wash damage my paint?

In our tunnels, we utilize equipment that is safe for your vehicle’s paint. Our cloth is a high-quality, microfiber material that is softer than toothbrush bristles. We keep all our brushes properly maintained, ensuring that you will have a Clean, Fast, and Awesome experience every time.

What do I get with an Unlimited Car Wash membership?

We like to give our customers options at Johnny Clean Car Wash, so we have 3 great options available when it comes to our membership plans. You can choose from the Protect Wash ($24.99), Shine Wash ($29.99), or our Premium Wash ($36.99). You can learn what’s included in each membership package by visiting our Unlimited Membership page.

How does the Johnny Clean Unlimited Club Membership work?

You can sign up for our Unlimited Club Membership for as low as $19.99 + tax a month and receive unlimited washes throughout the month at any of our locations. The purpose of our Unlimited Plan is to reward a customer’s loyalty by giving them a discounted price in every wash. For example, instead of paying $12 for a single Protect Wash, you will pay $19.99 for your membership for the first month and $24.99 thereafter and redeem as many washes a month as you want. There is no commitment or extra fees involved and you can manage your membership at any time.

What are the Unlimited Membership Terms and Conditions?

One membership per vehicle

See example below for a Premium Plan Contract. All other plans remain the same except for the price.

Thank you for joining Johnny Clean Car Wash Unlimited Membership. Your credit card will be charged $19.99 plus tax today. $34.99 plus tax will be charged monthly on the anniversary of purchase thereafter.

I authorize Johnny Clean Car Wash to charge my credit card account $19.99 plus tax today, then $34.99 plus tax on a monthly basis for the Unlimited Premium plan for any subsequent month.

I understand this Automatic Recurring Recharge Authorization shall remain in full force until cancellation. I understand that Johnny Clean Car Wash may cancel my membership at any time, and that my Membership will be canceled if the monthly recurring recharge in the amount of $19.99 plus tax during the introductory period, and $34.99 plus tax thereafter is declined by my credit card issuer or processor. I understand circumstances may affect availability of services, including but not limited to equipment failure or weather. I understand my Monthly Recurring Recharge of $19.99 plus tax during the promotion, $34.99 plus tax thereafter may be increased 30 DAYS after any such Price Increases are displayed on Johnny Clean Car Wash’s Menu Signs.


I understand and agree that I must visit the Manage Membership section of www.johnnycleancarwash.com at least 7 days prior to my Monthly Recurring Recharge date in order to avoid being recharged for the next month. I understand that there will be NO REFUNDS ISSUED for unused Membership Services. 

By clicking the electronic signature button below, you are signing and agreeing to authorize Johnny Clean Car Wash, or third parties acting on its behalf, to deliver or cause to be delivered by email or text offers and messages, including a telephonic sales text, to you at the telephone number listed below, including doing so by using an automated system for the selection or dialing of telephone numbers.  You are not required to directly or indirectly sign this written agreement or to agree to enter into such an agreement as a condition of purchasing any property, goods, or services. Your mobile carrier’s message and data rates may apply depending on the terms and conditions of your mobile phone contract. If you decide in the future that you no longer wish to receive emails text messages like this from Johnny Clean Car Wash, you can simply text “Stop” in reply to a text or call us at 833-228-1221 at any time.

Can I pause my membership if I am leaving town for an extended period of time?

We do not have a pause option; you would need to manage your account to discontinue and renew it upon your return.

How can I update my payment method on my account?

To update your credit card, please visit our Manage My Unlimited Membership page and choose Update Credit Card from the dropdown menu.

How can I update my payment method on my account?

To update your credit card, please visit our Manage My Unlimited Membership page and choose Update Credit Card from the dropdown menu.

Why did my rate go up?

After our promotional period of $19.99 + tax, the normal pricing is as follows: Protect Wash $24.99, Shine Wash $29.99, and Premium Wash $36.99. These prices reflect the per month charges before taxes.

How do I know when my recharge date is?

Your recharge date is the anniversary date of when you purchased your plan. For example, if you purchased your membership on the 11th of January, your recharge date is the 11th of each month.

How does the Family plan work?

Members of the Unlimited Club Membership can add their family members for a reduced initial rate and a reduced monthly rate thereafter. Speak to any one of our team members in the drive lanes to sign up today. You can also sign-up your family members online – Family Memberships. When purchased online, you will receive a barcode by email to be presented in the drive lane where a Fast Pass sticker will be stuck on your windshield.

How do I manage my Unlimited Membership?

You can manage your membership by visiting the Manage Membership section of www.johnnycleancarwash.com All cancellations must be processed at least 7 days prior to your Monthly Recurring Recharge date in order to avoid being recharged for the next month. There will be NO REFUNDS ISSUED for unused Membership Services. If cancelled today, you can use your membership until the day before your next recharge date. You can also update your credit card and change your membership plan.

Can I use my membership on more than one vehicle?

Each Membership is per vehicle. A single membership cannot be used on multiple cars. One member can have multiple memberships.

Can I use my membership at all Johnny Clean locations?

Most certainly, you can!

How can I transfer my membership to another vehicle?

Perhaps you have gotten a new car or windshield and need to transfer your membership to another vehicle, you can effortlessly do so in the drive lane with any team member.

How do I get my sticker number if I don’t have the vehicle anymore?

A team member at the wash location will need other information to locate your sticker number, such as name, phone number, etc.

What are your hours of operation? (Include Holiday Hours)

We are open, rain or shine, Monday to Friday 7am to 9pm. We are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas to give our team the time to enjoy the holidays with their families. Any additional days closed or early closure is advertised on Google and Social Media prior to the date; where possible.

Is this a touch-less wash?

No, it is not. We use special brushes, friction, and soap to provide a clean, shiny, and awesome car every time. Brush-less car washes uses stronger chemicals that are too harsh for the paint and trim of your vehicle.

Do you offer any car wash promotions or deals?

If you’re looking to keep your car clean all year around, we would recommend our Unlimited Car Wash membership plan. This will allow you to have unlimited car washes at a very affordable price!

How often should you wash your car?

You should wash your car at least once a month, but ideally on a weekly or biweekly basis if possible. We all like to show off our cars when they are shiny and clean, but there are great benefits to keeping your car clean throughout every season. Keeping your car clean helps protect the paint job by removing everyday contaminants such as road debris, bird droppings, tar, etc. Additionally, washing your car on a regular basis means you’ll easily see any cosmetic issues your car experiences early on. Car washing will not only help you keep your car cosmetically beautiful, but it will help you avoid costly damage, and allow you to resell at the highest price in the future if ever desired.

Do you offer free vacuums at Johnny Clean Car Wash?

We sure do! We believe what’s on the inside is just as important as what’s on the outside of your car, so we include access to free vacuums when you purchase a car wash with us.

What happens if my car doesn't come out clean?

Johnny Clean guarantees clean. We will re-do the wash before you leave our property to make sure you leave happy. If you happen to get home and then notice that we missed a spot, you are invited to bring the vehicle back and we will take care of you upon your return! Ultimately, it is our goal to make all our customers happy. While mistakes are rare they can happen whenever human beings are involved, and we will do everything in our power to make it right.

Do you clean the inside of the car?

Johnny Clean Car Wash is an exterior only car wash. However, we do have Free vacuums for your use.

Why don’t you scrub my car before going into the wash?

Johnny Clean Car Wash is built with equipment that does not warrant the scrubbing of your car. You can expect the cleanest, driest, shiniest, and most awesome car wash you ever had.

Why don’t you spray my car?

There is no need to. Our proprietary formula of washing your car allows for all bugs and debris to be removed. In the case of heavy bugs, we will spray the car and offer a rewash, if necessary.

What should I do when I enter the wash?

Pull forward into the tunnel and follow the directions of our Team Member. Once you have driven up to the right point, you will be asked to put your car in neutral and take our feet off the brakes. You should also release your steering wheel and turn off your windshield wipers and auto brake. Turn off your air circulator to enjoy the fresh lemon scent of the car wash.

Can you wash my vehicle? (Vehicle restrictions)

We are more than happy to wash your vehicle, except for the following dimension restrictions: height of vehicle cannot be more than 84”, tire width cannot be larger than 13”, vehicle must be at least 5” off the ground. There are other special cases that are not included in this list.
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